[reading does good]

Our age is the age of speed in which everything runs at a relentless speed. Ongoing life brings chaos and stress in itself. And it is said that the most important issue of modern human is chronic fatigue syndrome. Thereby, lives under societal pressure lead to career anxiety, concern for the future, competition, panic, anger, and depression and consequently, mental health problems and physical symptoms.
In a depressive period where life is experienced as swift as thought, we can’t find time for looking at ourselves, our environment, and the course of life, and where speed and chaos are constituted, we are a recently established publishing house that seeks for publish books for people who would like to practice self-reflection and who desires for looking himself/herself from another point of view.
With our experienced staff, we are intended to make gain a different perspective to those who have not the opportunity to qualified time for almost anything, are determined to making meaningful changes despite economical and social pressures, are intent on staying awake to the drug effect of modern times called “anesthesia period”, are curious and willing to learn, grow and change to the real solutions instead of superficial ones produced by happiness industry.
In a period in which self-alienation, cultural alienation, alienation from life and becoming isolated provoke psychological problems, we present a publication program which will demonstrate solutions, guide, and confront apart from the one promising hope as a cure-all.
Cemil Meric says “Book is a gate to unknown. To unknown, that is, to tale, to mystery, to eternal” We invite those who are looking for a way to the unknown, those who feel dizzy because of speed, those who are keen on getting rid of loneliness, distress and ineffectiveness, to the instructive, guiding, discovering, healing and liberatory effect of books.
Terapikitap started out to contribute to your journey by being a mirror to reflect you and by enlightening your route. Therefore, it exists to offer you books that are easy to read, understandable, healing, instructive, realizing, sometimes amusing, sometimes making you cry, and can be comfortably read in a speed and complex life.

Keep in mind; READING DOES GOOD.